Monday, September 4, 2017, at Hawaii Theatre is a RESERVED SEATING ticketed event.

Tickets are $12-$17 ($5 discount for youth 12-). 

Tickets are available at Hawaii Theater Box Office.  You can purchase tickets in person at the Box Office, by calling the Box Office, or online at the Hawaii Theatre Website 

It is highly recommended to purchase tickets directly through the Box Office either in person or by calling Hawaii Theater at (808) 528-0506.

Since Hawaii Theatre adds convenience fees to online orders, if purchasing online, please note that there is a $4.50 convenience fee per order as well as $4.50 per ticket so it's best to order a large group of tickets in one order to avoid the $4.50 charge per ticket. To avoid these charges altogether, call your order in or visit the Box Office in person.

Info on How to Purchase Tickets for Hawaii Theatre

Link to Heiva i Vaihi Tickets

Sunday, September 3, 2017, will be held at Bishop Museum. Tickets will be available through Bishop Museum.

Prices are $10 ages 17 and up; $7 4yrs-17yrs; 3 yrs and under free. Tickets include admission to the Museum (excluding the Planetarium)