Enoch Laughlin - President of Traditional Sports & Games Federation

Enoch's associative career started in working in va’a (Polynesian outrigger canoe), then Jet Ski, founding the “Fédération de Jet Sports”. Nautical and mechanical sports, local culture, young people and big events always were parts of his main interests.
He created, collaborated and led several very big public events: Salon des sports mécaniques
(mechanical sports show), Roller Marathon international from 2001 to 2003, Fête de l’Autonomie (Polynesia’s Autonomy festivities) during several years, third millennium festivities in 2000 (Tahiti), Heiva I Tahiti for 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003 issues, Grand Rassemblement des Archipels (Te Hono Nui), an exceptional cultural meeting of Polynesian islands, etc. During the early 2000’s, he managed TAHITI NUI 2000, an association specially created for institutional festivities of the 3rd millenium.
Due to this wealth experience in big events, culture and sports, he started in 2003 an ambitious work for taking up a challenge: making possible the revival, organization, federating and developing as far as possible
the actors, organisms and knowledge regarding sport activities transmitted by our Mā’ohi ancestors. Those precious cultural memories were slowly getting lost cause of XXI century illusions and ways of life.
A large and hard way of work led him to bring together enough personalities sharing his quest. As a result, in 2004, the “Fédération Amuitahiraa Tu’aro Mā’ohi des sports et jeux traditionnels” (Traditional sports and games federation) was founded which he presided over from the beginning. This federation makes go together culture, sports and big events all around the year. Thanks to this union, traditional sports win its own public, respectability, and the Heiva Tu’aro Mā’ohi Festival is every year from 2006 an exceptional encounter for athletes, local public and tourists.

In July 2015, on his personal initiative, the first Pacific Traditional Sports Festival took place in Tahiti with 6 regional countries and territories, hundreds of sportsmen and thousands of
This fraternal event gave birth in July 2015 to the Polynesian Triangle traditional sports Committee, including New Zealand, Hawai’i, Rapa Nui and Tahiti. Their aim consists to share, make famous, promote their customs and age-old traditions with historical regional brothers and worldwide, in order to make this wealth of know-how and ancestral cultural treasure throughout the times.

Enoch Laughlin will oversee the Saturday portion of Heiva i Waikiki featuring the Tu'aro Ma'ohi.


Tu'aro Ma'ohi Head Official 2018

Makau Foster Decuvellerie

Leilanie SOGLIUZZO was born in 1977 in Papeete, French Polynesia.
Since her early childhood, she was deep in the world of dance and music. Her mother was employee in the Tahara’a, a big and luxurious hotel in that time. One of her aunts was a dancer in the Gilles Hollande’s group « Ia Ora Tahiti ». Rhythm, singing and dancing the ‘ori Tahiti entertained the little girl during all that time.
At 8 years old, she got into the French Polynesia Artistic Conservatory. During 4
years she was taught bases of the ‘ori Tahiti by Mamie Louise.
In 1994, she enters the group « Ia ora Tahiti » with its new director Janine Maru
and appeared in Hotel Tahara’a Hotel shows.
In 1998, she obtained a 2nd
cycle degree diploma in English, and was the winner of Miss Heiva contest.
Leilanie participated in all major cultural events of French Polynesia: Heiva i
Tahiti, Tane Heiva contest and much more.
In 1999, the “Maison de la Culture” (House of Culture) managed by MrJean-Marc
Pambrun, approached her for being part of the Heiva in Noumea (New Caledonia)
during the whole month of July, as the French Polynesia ambassador and as
member of the jury. For this event, she brought a big artistic delegation:
musicians, craftsmen, fire walkers, etc.
In 2001, she got into the team of the “Association Tahiti Nui 2000”, a public
structure which was in charge to organize all kinds of sport, cultural and artistic
big events in Tahiti. She was in charge of projects like Hawaiki Nui Va’a, Heiva i
Tahiti, Miss and Tane Heiva were ones of the events she prepared with her staff.
2004 was the year of an important rise: the association becomes an EPIC
(établissement public à caractère industriel et commercial: public commercial
and industrial establishment), with its new name: Heiva Nui. This new status gave
more scope to this organism which took in charge the management of the To’ata
esplanade, main open air showground of the country. Concerts, shows and much
more come more and more in addition in the program.
In 2012, Heiva Nui was dissolved. Missions were taken in charge by the “Maison
de la Culture” (House of Culture). She was admitted in its team in July 2012 in
charge of communication. Then, she was again entrusted as a project manager.
Leilanie dedicated herself in organizing big cultural and artistic events during her
whole professional career. She was granted with many gratitude expressions from
part of the artistic world.

Leilanie will be on the jury for the Ori Tahiti contest,  on the Sunday of Heiva i Waikiki

2017 'Ori Tahiti Judges