The first Heiva i Waikiki was held in 2016. Participants for the Traditional Sports and Dance Contest came from various places in the Hawaiian Islands as well as around the world including Tahiti, Mainland US, and Australia.

The event was blessed by Tahiti's Minister of Culture, Heremoana Maamaatuaiahutapu, as well as Tahiti's President of Traditional Sport Federation, Enoch Laughlin. The head judge residing over the Dance Contest was world renown 'Ori Tahiti Instructor, Makau Foster, of Tamariki Poerani.

Despite Hurricane threats all weekend, the event was able to take place with beautiful weather and it was a joyous celebration of Tahitian culture in Honolulu. The sport and dance competitors were talented, agile, and entertaining.

For 2017, the event will be held at Bishop Museum and Hawaii Theatre. Since the event will now be held in Honolulu and not Waikiki, the event has been renamed Heiva i Vaihi.

Photos and Videos can be found on the Heiva i Vaihi Facebook & Instagram.


Day One of Heiva i Vaihi will be presented by Tahiti Mana in collaboration with Bishop Museum and Federation Des Sports Et Jeux Traditionnels

Tahiti Mana is a Tahitian Dance Troupe based out of Oahu. Their mission is to perpetuate Tahitian Culture through performance & classes. Tahiti Mana regularly participates in both group and solo competitions, motivating their dancers to become the best dancers & musicians they can be as a individuals and as a team. They earned the Heiva i Honolulu 2014 & Heiva I Kaua'i 2015 Group Overall Championship Titles. Competitions are seen as great motivators but the traditional group dances done for the joy, expression, and love for the culture are the most important.

Hosting this new competition is a way for Tahiti Mana to give back to the Tahitian Dance Community here in Hawai'i and also to bring together dancers from all over the world to enjoy the beautiful Hawaiian Islands. 

In 2015, Tahiti Mana was invited to participate in the Heiva Tu'aro, the Traditional Sports Competition that is part of the annual Heiva i Tahiti. This experience inspired a desire to share with others, these ancient sports that are fading away in modern life.

Tahiti Mana is grateful to have been presented with this opportunity to celebrate Tahiti here in Hawai'i.

More information about Tahiti Mana can be found on their website as well as on Facebook and Instagram.